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Find your brand that empowers your audience to rave, support, and loyally follow with our Branding Course. You will be able to find your own rally cry that motivates and empowers your audience.

By finding the right brand with the right message, you will be able to build a solid foundation. This brand will be the core of your drive,  be a empowerment of others, and focus your messaging to cause a movement to rapidly build and focus your audience.

In This Two Week Course You Will Learn:

  • Why You Need A Brand That Empowers Your People
  • Create Consistency Throughout All Social Media Platforms
  • Cultivate an Amazing Rally Cry That Inspires Your Audience To Take Action
  • How to Create Raving Fans
  • How to Create Content That Serves An Audience
  • How To Live Your Brand

To Help You Achieve This, We Will Provide

Website & Blogging Machine (30 Days Free)

  • A Customizable, Ready Made Website
  • Preloaded & Pre-made Beachbody Program Pages
  • Direct Sync with Your Beachbody Store
  • Tons of Easy to Follow Tutorials
  • Live Telephone, Facebook Chat, and Email Support
  • Digital Marketing Strategy Courses, Mentoring, and Consulting.
  • Customized Landing Pages & Landing Page Builder

Plus These New Wave Exclusives

  • 5 Custom Graphics Designed for Your Brand ( $25 Value )
    – Including a Facebook Like Page aka Business Page Banner to Enhance your branding
  • A Standard Logo for the Website ($50 Value)
  • A full day with Kurtis Gilbreth, the ninja himself, dedicated to the New Wave Community to ask questions about the website, marketing, building funnels, one on one, and a lesson how to throw ninja stars.


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I was referred to Andy after having trouble with my branding. Before speaking to him, my brand was just like everyone else's: a busy mom. (I mean who isn't a mom and is not busy right?).

Andy was super responsive and willing to help immediately, despite his busy schedule and me not being a part of his upline or downline.

We spoke about who I was and what I stood for along with who I wanted to reach out to to help. After a discussion, my brand was born out of a need to serve others. I'm a police officer and what gives me uproot is serving and helping others. I also stand for strength as I am a busy mom and am passionate about teaching others the benefits of strength training to build physical and emotional strength.

My brand and mission along with my rally cry, "Strength is a matter of a made up mind." Was born. Andy made it simple and to the point. He even went beyond his work to help me produce an amazing video that helps capture my brand and me at the same time. I'm proud of my brand and what I stand for. Glad I was given the opportunity to work with Andy.

Val Emich,